Hello World

My name is Chris, and I’m currently working on the new KDE Printer host Atelier. Atelier, as some of you may have heard, is the new incarnation of Br-Print3D. I will just briefly say its been very exciting to work with the other team members, and I look forward to contributing further.

I guess I should tell you all a little about myself. I learned C++ in high school computer science, but that was long ago. Since then, I have never stopped programming toys for myself and others. I have been a Linux user since around when I started in computer science and have used KDE as my main DE for just about the entire time. Around 2003, I switched to purely open source software. You see, I had always dabbled, but I just was not really ready to stop using the other proprietary operating systems. Then, in 2005, I started to become a fairly active member over at the Kubuntu forums. I started mostly doing it as a fun way to expand my knowledge base while helping others.

I started my first open source project, Black Chocobo, and would never look back. It was my first real Qt project, too. Eventually, I had some contributors and was helping other programers who were using Qt to make other tools for the same game. This led to my second project, ff7tk: A toolkit written in Qt designed to make it easier for people to make tools for FF7. It’s been a long process with lots of time spent and skills learned. ff7tk and Black Chocobo ended up being some amazing projects. You might be asking why even mention these projects, as they have little to nothing to do with KDE other than being Qt based. It’s because I started that first project to get better with Qt with the goal of one day being good enough to help improve KDE.

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