AtCore/Atelier update August ’18

It has been sometime since I’ve written about our progress with AtCore and now that I find myself with a bit of down time Its time to give you all an update. Since the end of May we have landed 32 commits from 4 contributors. I would like to first thank our newest contributor Leandro Santiago for taking time to contribute to AtCore.

Our changes include:

  • C++ modernization to use more C++11 standards
  • Making sure that all AtCore strings are translatable.
  • Fixing our method to find plugins (a few times..)
  • Adding a new emit to forward lower level messages.
  • GRBL translate for some basic CNC use with this plugin
  • Not checking for new devices if AtCore is connected
  • Improve the PlotWidget:
    • Doesn’t have a memory leak
    • Let the client add and remove plots on the fly
  • Improve the LogWidget:
    • Reduce disk I/O
    • Add info pane with basic info about the log.
  • Much better regex for temperature reading.
  • Clean ups for safer all around use.
  • Support for most Sd card operations and a new Sd card widget.


For Atelier we have 44 commits and 3 contributors for this time and changes include:

  •  Adding the newer AtCore widgets and features.
  • Adding a welcome panel with news and help.
  • Mac os  and Windows packaging improvements
  • Using profile data to setup gui.
  • Ask to overwrite files
  • Inform of unsaved changes before printing.
  • Various other small improvements

You can find our more about Atelier by reading Lays’ Post about Akademy 2018


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